Sonya Gurewitsch

Artist's Statement

Drawing and painting are a diary of my immediate time and place. Techniques and explorations change in color, line, media, the way languages change from place to place, as the language any one of us speaks changes as we cross boundaries. What alters people alters art—borders and the confusion of the new, losses and memories, fragments new and old, the striving of people to pass on their cultures and bear the force of new hopes.

As someone who has experienced many moves between countries and languages, I make through my work my own comment on the transformations of this common fate.



Sonya Gurewitsch

Born in the United States but raised in Switzerland, Sonya Gurewitsch first exhibited in Zurich at the Galerie Wolfensberger at the age of nineteen. She continued her training at The Rhode Island School of Design, the San Francisco Art Institute, and Silvermine College of Art, and also studied at the Henri Wabbel Studio in Zurich, and with Otto Kolb, Sasha Morgenthaler, and Carlos Dyer. 

She has had further exhibitions in Zurich at Platte 27, the Wolfensberger Gallery, and Galerie Zurichberg, and in New York at the Avanti Gallery, as well as in the Holter Museum in Helena, Montana and galleries in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Her teaching activities have included studio classes in New Haven and Nashville, and several terms as a Visiting Artist for the Connecticut Commission on the Arts.

Her work hangs in private collections in Switzerland and the United States. She currently makes her home in Amherst, Massachusetts.




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